What are wax melts?
Wax melts are scented pieces of wax like a candle but without the Wick. They are placed into a wax burner and melted releasing a scent throw throughout the room/house. 

What are your wax melts made from?
All our wax melts are made with 100% soy wax. Soy wax is a safe and non hazardous base and allows a lovely burn and scent throw from your melts. 

Are your wax melts safe for pets?
Yes they are! However, we advise being responsible in their use! The melter or burner should not be accessible to pets or children or those less abled, and should be out of reach of all of those groups. Burning candles should never, ever be left unattended.

Do your wax melts contain safety information?
Yes! We are fully insured business and comply with all relevant labelling on packaging which concerns the use of fragrances in our products. Our wax melts do all contain safety information on the packaging.
The universal safety instructions which will help you enjoy your melts safely are: * Burning candles should never be left unattended * Keep all of our products out of reach and sight of children or pets * Individuals with high perfume sensitivity (sensitivity to smell) are advised not to use our products. We pride our self on wax melts with high fragrance throw therefore these would not be suitable for such individuals.
How can I be sure about the quality of your ingredients?
For all our products we use UK based suppliers, as we are small UK business. This means we source or products, packaging, wax and ingredients all from UK based business to support the local economy. We do not source from outside of the UK. These business all comply with UK regulations and therefore we have great confidence that we use a healthy and honest supply chain for all our products.
Do you offer wholesale prices or sell to retailers?
Yes we do. We operate on a volume based system. For a pricing list, please email dollymixwax@gmail.com with more information around your specific requirements and we will respond within 48 working hours.